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Kamloops Multicultural Society

Our Purpose

To promote and cultivate increased understanding and friendship between Canadian ethnic groups.

To organize and support the interchange of cultural and
traditional activities of ethno-cultural groups and to encourage the retention of all cultures and to share them with other Canadians.

And to assist and encourage new immigrants in their
endeavours to become fully participating citizens
in Canada.
Our Services
We Can Build
November 22nd marked the official reopening of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Kamloops. A ceremony was held to welcome KJCA members and guests back to the Centre after a nine month rebuilding process. Over120 guest were on hand to witness the proceedings and tour the building. 
We can embrace
Cheryl Blackwell (left) is presented by Multicultural Society president Ray Dhaliwal
with recognition for her many years as emcee at Canada Day, as RCMP Cpl. Bob Jones looks on.
We can celebrate!
Kamloopa Pow Wow in Kamloops, dancers celebrate their cultural heratage with an arrray of colours and beautiful rythmic dances.

Canada Day/Folkfest Photos 
Because together we are stronger 
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